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Castle Hotel critic John Moetteli and his partners are attorneys-at-law whose practice sometimes requires use of conference room facilities and international European travel. Because we are frequent users, we've become Castle Hotel experts over time.

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Welcome to your premier online source for hospitality services and information for castle lovers everywhere. John Moetteli and his partners have decided to build a synergy in their day to day practices by publishing information about castle hotels (their personal passions) and writing honest critiques of their experiences when staying at various castle hotels.

If you're a castle hotel owner, we're happy to make plans to visit your hotel. Please send us information by post or email so that we can see whether the locale and facilities synchronise with our travel plans.
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John Moetteli and his partners happy to review your European Castle Hotel/Conference Centre/Restaurant. Castle hotel owners who would like to have their establishment reviewed are invited to contact them requesting a review.

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