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Château de la Rochepot

Le Castellas de Saint-Bonnet-de-Salendrique

Castle Divonne

Castles in FRANCE  

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Château de Compiègne       Picardie (Oise) – Compiègne

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Built under Louis XV and Louis XVI, and then refurbished under Napoleon I and Napoleon III, the Castle of Compiègne was a reigning and court life centre. It is the largest neo-classical palace of Fran...

Château de Cormatin       Bourgogne – Cormatin

Château de Cormatin (7309869132)
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The Castle of Cormatin is set amidst beautiful gardens and gorgeous bodies of water. It consists of a wide moat, a drawbridge, and some gunboats and turrets, among other features, built in order to im...

Château d’Harcourt       Haute-Normandie (Eure) – Harcourt

Normandie Eure Harcourt tango7174
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A masterpiece of medieval architecture, the Castle of Harcourt dates back to the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, and has been substantially transformed over the course of the seventeenth century. It...

Château de Joux       Franche-Comté (Doubs) – La Cluse-et-Mijoux

Château de Joux - 2
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Built in the heart of a stunning natural site, the Château de Joux is representative of the evolution of the military architecture, from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, with its Joffre type...

Château de Médavy       Basse-Normandie (Orne) – Médavy

Château de Médavy, élévation principale
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The Castle of Médavy is of classical architecture, built from 1703 to 1725 by Jacques Léonard Rouxel de Médavy, marshall of France. When visiting it, you will be able to admire a lavish period furnitu...

Château d’Ô       Basse-Normandie (Orne) – Mortrée

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Dating from the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Castle of Ô features Gothic, Romantic and Renaissance characteristics. It is one of the rare Norman castles to feature several architectural st...

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