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Römerhof Arbon Restaurant & Hotel

Castle Hegi

Schloss Laufen

Chateau d'Ouchy, Lausanne

Castles in Fribourg, SWITZERLAND  

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Castle of Gruyères       Fribourg – Gruyères

Overall Rating   Knight / Lady
1 review(s)
restaurant   museum  

Schloss Ueberstorf       Fribourg

Overall Rating   Squire / Mademoiselle
1 review(s)
restaurant   hotel  

Chateau de la Grande Riedera       Fribourg – Le Mouret

Overall Rating   Prince / Princess
1 review(s)

Morat/Murten Castle       Fribourg – Morat / Murten

Overall Rating   no rating
0 review(s)
The Castle of Morat, or Murten in German, was built at the behest of Count Peter II of Savoy, in 1255. After the Savoy domination, the Castle became the administrative seat of the Bernese and Fribourg...