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Castle Hagenwil
Submitted Saturday 11 of October 2014
Overall Rating   Squire / Mademoiselle
This is primarily a castle restaurant. Very authentic with a moat which has been preserved over the centuries. The Angern family has owned and operated this castle restaurant for more than a century. They do offer overnight accommodation but have only one room. Nevertheless, if your lucky enough to overnight here, you'll be served by friendly and hospitable people.

Castle Hegi
Submitted Monday 6 of October 2014
Overall Rating   Knight / Lady
Here you can find a wonderful museum and a youth hostel for bare minimum accommodation for an overnight stay.

Castle Neuschwanstein
Submitted Sunday 5 of October 2014
Overall Rating   Emperor / Empress
Europe's premier castle museum and tourist destination.

Römerhof Arbon Restaurant & Hotel
Submitted Saturday 3 of May 2014
Overall Rating   Prince / Princess
The Römerhof is certainly one of the best, perhaps THE best "castle" Restaurant, from a purely gastronomic perspective. Gerald and Dominique masterfully prepare and present some of the best dishes you'll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. Although not a castle, their building is beautiful and historic, built into the city fortifications of Arbon, a small city on Lake Constance that includes a beautiful Castle on a magnificent lake, with a medieval castle Museum (with Information in German), Sundays in the spring and summer months from 12 to 5pm.

Castle of Gruyères
Submitted Thursday 5 of December 2013
Overall Rating   Knight / Lady
This walled city and castle are one of the favorite tourist attractions of the Canton of Fribourg, just south of the Canton of Bern in central Switzerland. Unfortunately, you cannot eat or overnight in the castle proper. The walled city does offer several hotels and restaurants within the wall, one or two of which are worth a visit (most, unfortunately, are owned by commercial enterprises and service is generally poor). A family owned Hotel well worth a stay (and to eat) is the Hotel la Fleur de Lys. Visit their webpage at Another family owned hotel restaurant is the Auberge de la Halle--their website is they can also be reached by phone at 026 921 2178. Note that for Science Fiction mavens, you will love the Giger Museem of Fantastic Art and the adjoining bar that looks like something you'd expect from the movie "Alien".

Chateau d'Ouchy, Lausanne
Submitted Tuesday 12 of March 2013
Overall Rating   Prince / Princess
There are few castle hotels in Switzerland. In total, maybe only twelve. Of the twelve, the Chateau d'Ouchy is sure to please those who, although they want an old world, quaint experience, do not wish to be far away from the action. Lausanne is a vibrant, culture-rich city including the Olympic's Museum, an ancient, beautiful Cathedral, another castle, old town and breath-taking views of lake Geneva. Although I have not yet passed the night at this hotel, I look forward to an invitation to do so. Look forward to more information about this special castle hotel in the future.

Schloss Boettstein
Submitted Tuesday 15 of January 2013
Overall Rating   no rating
Here's one that I'd love to receive an invitation to visit. From their literature, it looks like a castle hotel that can please the culinary critic as well.

Schloss Wartensee
Submitted Friday 11 of January 2013
Overall Rating   Knight / Lady
Another castle conference centre, less than 3 km from Schloss Wartegg, overlooking Lake Constance. This is the original castle--Schloss Wartegg, just below about 1km, was the "lake house" to this castle. For true castle lovers, this castle is more "echt", and includes substantially more rooms for conferences. A lovely chapel is available for those who wish to marry there.

Gourmethotel Deuring Schlössle
Submitted Wednesday 5 of December 2012
Overall Rating   Knight / Lady
Way back in 2004, my daughter and I had the pleasure of staying the night at this castle in Bregenz. We had a clean, comfortable room, with a beautiful view of Lake Constance (Bodensee). However, room size and quaintness-quotients vary widely, so book ahead for a good room. The best includes a sitting area in the castle tower. I've heard that the cuisine here is excellent, but I have yet to experience it myself (we were there too briefly to properly enjoy it). Contact Mr. or Mrs. Huber for more information and reservations at +43 5574 47800 (Fax: +43 5574 47800).

Schloss Sonnenberg
Submitted Saturday 26 of May 2012
Overall Rating   Knight / Lady
This is a beautiful castle and offers an idealic setting for a conference or reception. The castle, near Winterthur (direction St. Gallen) includes a restaurant that (I believe) is open daily. Unfortunately, there are no hotel acccomodations. The castle is privately owned but has been leased to restaurateurs for the last two centuries.

Schloss Weinstein
Submitted Sunday 22 of April 2012
Overall Rating   Knight / Lady
Currently closed for restauration, Schloss Weinstein is a small castle, a bit lost in the Rhine Valley near St. Gallen in Switzerland (between Altstätten and Heerbrugg). The dinning area is lovely, with old wood panelling and large windows overlooking the valley below. Service is good and the food was very good--I had the opportunity to dine there with my fiancée and a European Patent Attorney colleague and his wife. I can't say that I remember too much detail about the meal given the excellent company we had: Dr. Theo Müller and his wife Cathy challenged our German language skills and kept the conversation interesting and stimmulating to the point that what we were eating faded into the background a bit. So, we must visit Schloss Weinstein again, with our taste buds wide open ... and, next time, boring company. At that time, we'll be sure to provide a detailed review.

Schloss Ueberstorf
Submitted Sunday 29 of May 2011
Overall Rating   Squire / Mademoiselle
Just 10 minutes from the heart of Bern is this quaint castle hotel and restaurant. The accommodations appear a bit rustic but my guess is the food is very good (I've not had the chance to eat there, but I have met the owners).