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Schloss Wellenberg
Submitted Friday 5 of December 2014
Overall Rating   King / Queen
This castle does not have a restaurant and an overnight stay is reserved for special guest and perhaps those who reserve the castle for a wedding party. However, the owner, Christof Schenkel, is a great host and organizes Medieval markets and splendid Summer parties that you'll never forget! See their website for event information.

Chateau de la Grande Riedera
Submitted Wednesday 21 of March 2012
Overall Rating   Prince / Princess
This castle is essentially for rent for banquets, etc. Beautifully isolated in the Fribourg countryside, it's a good choice for those who want no sign of modern civilization during their stay.

Château de Vaumarcus
Submitted Sunday 22 of May 2011
Overall Rating   Prince / Princess
A charming castle with a nice restaurant and gift shop.